Roles & Responsibilities

Senior Interactive Designer
eBay Inc.

• Focus on the end to end experience with new initiatives for eBay verticals (Motors, Electronics, Fashion) and global site features (ideation & strategy, wireframes, prototypes, user testing, UX specifications, visual design, collaborated with Business unit, UER and Development teams to ensure design integrity)

• Assisted in the visual creation for new future facing initiatives lead by the eBay PreVIZ group. Specializing in the process of solving business problems by visualizing them, PreVIZ enables better planning & execution of product experiences across the business units world-wide

• Won multiple internal Hackathon / Designathon events enabling the company to quickly solve customer pain-points and exploring new potential revenue drivers

• Conceptualized and designed the end to end experience for eBay Garage, world's largest online community of auto enthusiasts. Garnering over 500,000 user shared vehicles

• Conceptualized and designed the end to end experience for My Gadgets (an online portal to catalog, value and-one click sell your electronics gadgets on eBay) with a 8+ cross functional team from ground up

• Conceptualized and designed the end to end experience for eBay Live Auction marketplace platform which gives eBay shoppers direct access to inventory sold directly by traditional auction houses. In partnership with Sotheby's launching a premium auction experience for the eBay user-base

• Took part in the launch of eBay 3.0 (redesign), noted as the biggest set of changes eBay had made across the experience in over a decade

• Multiple patents pending

My Gadgets

"eBay is clearly not putting all the eggs in one basket: the company's been trying to reach more and more audiences with things like its flourishing one-day delivery service and a portal for 3D-printed products. As part of this growth, the online marketplace behemoth is now officially launching My Gadgets, a feature that allows eBay users to easily determine the value of items in their device portfolio -- you know, in case you're looking to clear out the old and make way for the new. eBay says the newly minted hub will be able to display the individual and collective value of stuff, with prices being based on its own "unique data on current sales trends and prices for both new and vintage electronic items." The link to eBay's My Gadgets is down below, so head on over if you're looking to build a little gadget database for yourself." - engadget.com

eBay Neighborhood

Internal concept design for prototyping purposes.

eBay Live Auctions - Wireframes

Initial thinkings into a new experience in which buyers will be able to browse catalogs for upcoming sales from live auction houses; then bid for themselves at the online events or enter in absentee bids for those they can’t attend.

eBay Motors DCP Page Redesign

Wireframes & Concept Mock-ups

eBay Garage

eBay Garage is a fun and easy way to share your ideas, passion and knowledge of automobiles and motorcycles with fellow enthusiasts.

My eBay Future Dashboard Concept

Internal Designathon / Hackathon Winner