A small Dose of what I worked on at Visa.

Visa Design Team Video

Visa Checkout - iOS App

Shopping on your smartphone can be convenient, but unless you’re using a service like PayPal, cramming your credit card number into a digital keyboard can become cumbersome. Visa now offers its own instant-buy option with its new Visa Checkout service, which aims to speed up online payments on both your phone and computer. (This newly designed version of Visa Checkout will be launching later this year)

mVisa - Android App

mVisa is a new project currently underway enabling both consumers and merchants located in emerging markets the ability to engage with instant transactions powered by mobile devices. These mock-ups are currently a work in progress.

Android Consumer Flow - Pay a merchant. (work in progress)

Android Merchant Flow - Generate dynamic QR code and receive payment confirmation. (work in progress)

Android Merchant Flow - Issue a refund. (work in progress)